Recruiting the most qualified and skilled professionals

Using a personalized and highly effective interviewing and job screening process, our experts take the time to know candidates one-on-one. Our goal is not only to determine if a candidate is qualified for a job, but also to understand what a candidate desires and is searching for professionally.

Permanent Hires

We develop relationships with both candidates and clients we work with so that when you need our help, Ciera Staffing is there to represent your goals and interests. With our professionals working for you, you can make the right hire the first time, efficiently and cost effectively.

Temporary and Consulting

Whether it's a short term project like a system implementation or upgrade, assistance with integrating an acquisition, restatement work or backfilling a position during a medical leave, our Temporary and Consulting resources can help keep your project moving and help make sure deadlines are met and on budget.

Confidential Searches

When it's critical to maintain stability in your organization while successfully managing change, keeping a search confidential is sometimes necessary. Ciera Staffing understands the need to minimize disruption and will work with the appropriate parties in strict confidence.